Felicity is a Shoes Expert golf caddy who enjoys duck herdingImage result for Women profile

Felicity Fairydust Noris is a 35-year-old golf caddy who enjoys duck herding, cookery and cycling. She is Shoes Expert and Shoe Collector, but can also be very unkind and a bit sadistic.

She is a British Christian who defines herself as gay. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course.

Basic Information

Name: Felicity Fairydust Noris
Nickname: Short Felicity
Reason for nickname: Descriptive
Date of birth: Monday, 10th Jan 1983 (Age 35)
Star sign: Capricorn
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Mixed
Social class: Middle class
Religion: Christian
Sexuality: Gay
Education: Some college
Course: Sports science
Political views: Right
Relationship status: Single
Career paths: Law / Athletic


Positive characteristics: Shoes Expert, Shoe Collector
Negative characteristics: unkind, sadistic
Words often used: Shoe Collector, Shoes Expert, sadistic, unkind
Other words that might be used: Shoe Collector, Shoes Expert, blimpish, bourgeois, brutal, cautious, conservative, conventional, cruel, edged, fusty, hard, harsh, heartless, hidebound, hurtful, inhumane, materialistic, nonprogressive, pitiless, rigorous, sadistic, standpat, stinging, traditionalist, ultraconservative, unkind, unprogressive, unsympathetic
Moral: sometimes
Stable: sometimes
Loyal: sometimes
Generous: sometimes
Extrovert: not at all
Compassionate: not at all
IQ: 101
Hobbies: duck herding, cookery, cycling, praying, drone photography, escapology, reading, working on cars
Diet eats meat
Favourite foods: blueberry muffins, mangoes